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Flow, Baby, Flow

A wise friend of mine shared a quote with me recently that really got me thinking about flow, and it goes a little something like this: “A vision without action is a dream, but action without vision is a nightmare.”

Yeah. I know. It’s, like… really on point, right? So simple, yet profoundly articulate. It made me look at the contrast in flows that have come into existence in my life. Have you ever stumbled upon something and acted upon impulse because, ya know, you’re a human and you’re curious? Not something small, but let’s say a significant experience of some sort – like a job. And all of a sudden you find yourself in this world, making advances and attracting more and more of it into your life but then you realize that you’re not really sure if it’s what you want and feel totally off track (cue nightmare)? I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely felt this way in the past. That’s because I didn’t recognize at the time that flows are not something that we should stumble upon or be influenced by; flows are meant to be passionately created. Being honest about our desires sparks a vision and that is the place where flow is born. It is up to us to define our flow and navigate our lives in a way that compliments and respects that energy in order for what we seek to come to fruition.

I’m not saying that it’s always easy to take on such responsibility for ourselves, however, the ease and peace that comes when you own your flow is just sooooo worth it. And with that, happy Saturday everyone - I hope you choose to go with YOUR flow.

Here's a really valuable read on creative goal setting to help you get started:

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